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The Sensual Zodiac: Aries

Zodiac Secrets of the Sensual Aries Woman

You are among the people most likely to have a fan club. Why? Because
anyone who has ever made love to a sensual Aries woman remains devoted

People find you amazing.

Everything about you commands attention. You wear your sensuality like
other women wear diamonds. From your flashing eyes, to your charming
smile, to your wild, warm ways. You captivate and fascinate. You were born
with an ability to attract attention like a moth to a flame. Forget about false
modesty. You are fantastic.

Dynamic, dazzling and daring.

You are unquestionably one of the most exciting women in the Sensual

If they ever name a fragrance after you… a great name would be “Fire and
Ice” because there’s nothing in-between about you. You’re either burning
red hot or ice cold. You are the real-life example of “naughty or nice.”
Depending on your mood… you can be totally sweet or sinfully spicy. Being with
you is anything but boring.

Red-hot. Bewitching. Breathtaking. You are one sizzling package.

All your life you’ve been attracted to more excitement, challenges and diversity than others. Being “misunderstood” has been a major aspect of your personal destiny. Here’s something we are all curious to know... Where in the world do you get all that get up and go?

It’s amazing to watch how easily you multi-task. You have a gift for juggling five or six things at once - without breaking a sweat. Your vibrant positive energy makes being in your presence as warm as being surrounded by the radiant rays of the sun.

A kind heart with a huge appetite for love…Your sensual nature comes as easy to you as sleep. Passion is part of your essential makeup. For you, life without romance is dismal. When you’re not in love, you feel like a tree without leaves. Bare, naked and incomplete.

But when you are in love… You ooze sensuality. Your skin takes on a more radiant glow and your aura becomes almost irresistible.

And here’s another secret about you… You win the Sensual Oscar for “Most Adventurous Lover.”

What other women may only dream about… you’ve already experienced. And yet you remain fresh and sweet like the first taste of an apple. You are an intriguing challenge to most men. A free sprit who steps over life’s challenges without missing a beat.

How to seduce you?

With the three mental aphrodisiacs — Attention, Affection and Admiration.

Your ultimate lover is one who is willing to take a risk with you. He must be evolved enough to give you love on many levels, while leaving NOTHING on the table. To love a sensual Aries woman, like yourself, takes an exceptional man.

But… you are totally worth it.

March 21 - April 20

Three little-known bedroom-secrets about you:

1. You are used to being in control – but you long to surrender.
2. Surprises are a great way to seduce you.
3. Because you’re already an adventurous person…you are more likely to find yourself becoming more curious about fetishes or more apt to try something forbidden like anal-foreplay.

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Sex Secrets of the Aries man

Sexiest Aries Celebrity: “Russell Crowe”

Who is the Sensual Aries man?

Do you see that masculine guy standing apart in the crowd? That’s right. He’s the guy with that unmistakable sense of self-confidence that surrounds him like a magnetic force. He’s the one that gives off the aura of raw sexual magnetism. He’s a highly motivated compelling leader who talks fast and moves even faster.

More about your Sensual Aries man

This flirtatious and mischievous rebel is totally against mediocrity. He’s wild at heart, untamed in life. This sensual ram is an intensely sexual man. Unmatched as a lover… the Sensual Aries man finds himself sitting comfortably atop the food chain of sexual victors among his male counterparts.

An aura of power that women find irresistible

He is one of the most masterful men you have ever known. He knows how to play your body like Beethoven plays a piano. One expert kiss from his lips and you melt like ice under the hot summer sun. Watch out.

As a lover, he’s the ultimate sexual explorer. He’ll take you as far sexually as you’ll let him. And then a mile further after that. And as unpredictable as this man can be… deep down, beneath the turbulent surface waters, he’s a wide-hearted man with expansive emotions and powerful feelings.

How to seduce your sensual Aries man

He wants a woman that will challenge him, tease him and inspire him. He craves to be free enough to totally be himself without judgment. He’s looking for a lover who’s both friend and playmate. Someone he can share his hopes, dreams, fears and sexual fantasies with.

What’s his biggest turn on?


Keep it playful…

Especially in bed, because the Sensual Aries man loves to have fun. For him, making love is a sensual adventure filled with new possibilities. This man loves sensual excitement and mental stimulation. He enjoys the eternal mysteries of a woman. And he is fascinated by women who are spontaneous and willing to try new experiences.

His Secret Sexual Fantasy
1. To be watched
2. To be dominated
3. To be YOUR boy-toy for a night

(excerpted from “Your Sensual Zodiac” by Suzie Johnson)

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