Saturday, March 27, 2010

Passion Parties Goes Phthalate-Free!

That's right, Phthalate-Free! So you might be thinking what the heck is a phthalate?

Well phthalates are plasticizing agents that are used in many applications from floor tiles to moisturizers, but these plasticizing agents have come under fire lately as being related to health concerns. If you are well versed on the phthalate controversy, as many health conscious people are, then you may already know that these plasiticizing agents are commonly used in adult toys to make them more pliable. Once again Passion Parties listened to it's consumers, and Sales Consultants, and we are the first and only Sensual Party Sales company to go completely phthalate free. Check out this great article about it at DMN Forums: "Passion Parties Becomes First and Only Company to Exclusively Sell Phthalates-Free Toys"

I am so proud to be a part of a company that cares about it's consumers! I love being able to teach women about their bodies, sexual health, and sensuality in a tasteful and intimate setting! One of our company mottos is: "Empowering women from the bedroom to the bank!". It is such a good feeling knowing that Passion Parties truly backs up that statement by continuing to strive in their efforts to not only empower, but keep our customers safe..... and very happy. ;)

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